Sacramento Blue Star Moms - What is a Care Package?
The Sacramento Blue Star Moms mail care packages to our
deployed troops approximately four times a year
We collect and accept donations through-out the year. 
One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is a Care Package?"
A care package is a 'taste' of home sent with lots of love.  All care packages contain a letter or a card, a note of love and appreciation, and the box filled with many of the items listed below. Since most of the care packages are sent to the warriors on the front line; they eat what they can carry.
Baby Wipes (individual packs)
Batteries (all sizes)        
Canned Fruit (pop top cans - no plastic)
Canned Meat - Vienna Sausage, Tuna, Chicken  (pop top cans)   
CDs/DVDs/Books/Current Magazines  
Cereal and Oatmeal (individual size)   
Coffee Creamer - single serving packets     
Dried Fruit       
Eye Drops   
Foot Powder
Games - Travel Size 
Granola Bars, Power Bars and Trail Mix    
Lip Balm
Microwave Meals (pasta, chili, etc.) 
Powdered Drink Mixes 
Razors (disposable)
Shoe Insole Cushions

Contact Kimberly Steinman-Elmquist to arrange a Donation Drive

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